Friday, July 11, 2008

Taking our baby home

It was so exciting to bring our baby home. We were anxious to see how Susan would like him. Of course she adored him but he didn't seem too fond of her, he could have done without all the kissing. He was a cute baby but I couldn't do anything with that hair, it stood straight up all over his head. I could have gotten the goo that Ellen used on the Jensen hair to glue it down but it didn't seem like a good thing to do to a baby. Finally at six weeks Mo took him to the barber for a haircut. He was the youngest customer the barber had ever had. After that Mo just snipt it off.

From day one he was very active and loved people, he still does to this day. He loved his sister and laughed at everything she did. He got over that. He liked to drink out of a cup and wouldn't even look at a bottle.

Life seemed to be going well when I got a bad kidney infection and had to go to the hospital.
That was a real problem because Jeff wouldn't take a bottle. I just knew that he would if I wasn't there but he decided to just drink out of cup. I was a basket case just thinking of a baby being weaned at five months. He survived 'm happy to say.

While I was in the hospital for five days, Mo had to run the household, he started to appreciate me after taking care of two babies. One day this little old man, younger than I am now but then thought he was old. He stopped by my room and said,"Bless your heart, my little wife died in that same bed last week." That cheered me up hearing that good news.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Baby Boy

We started planning for our new addition. we moved Susan out the crib, poor baby, and got her a new bed. She adjusted well although she was still not two.

I had RH negative blood and Mo was positive so I had to have blood drawn every month to see if antibodies were building up. If the baby inherited the positive blood, then there could be a problem, especially with the second and third child. Since they didn't detect any antibodies I always assumed the babies would all have negative blood. It turned out that none of them had my blood. It was truly a miracle that everything went okay. But it wasn't fun to have blood drawn every month.
My brother was stationed close by and he would visit occasionally. Jeff was supposed to be born on Dec 3, so the time was drawing near. Junior told us to go to the movie and he would baby sit Susan. We went to see "Pal Joey" During the middle of the movie I had a little pain. I made the mistake of telling Mo. Remembering his last experience, he drug me out of that theater and took me straight to the hospital. By the time I got there the pains had subsided and I wanted to go home. Mo wouldn't hear of it, he wasn't about to deliver a baby. The doctor kept coming in and asking me how I felt. I said,"I'm feeling fine let me go home." He would look at Mo and say, "She is so brave I know she is having pain." Well Jeff wasn't born until the next morning which was December 1, Grandma Bachler's birthday, she was so tickled.

He was dark with black hair that stuck up all over his head. He had dimples and looked just like his Dad. In those days you stayed in the hospital over a week. Mo would visit me every night. He had taps on his shoes and I could hear him coming down the hall long before he got there. We would stand at the window and watch the baby, from the beginning Jeff was very active. While I was carrying him he kicked all the time. One day I was playing bridge and he kicked the table and shook the glasses. I carried him low and Susan was high. I knew it was going to be a boy.

I was rooming with a Jewish girl. When they had their baby circumcised it was a big party. It was fun, they know how to have a party. We had our baby circumcised the next day, but alas no party, just a crying baby.


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