Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life Disrupted Again

We had only been in our pink house for a little while when we found out Mo had to go to Europe for three months. He didn't want to leave us alone so I had to go to Florida to stay. He didn't have time to take us so my brother Howell and his son Francis came to get us. Francis drove my car and Howell and I went in is. It wasn't an easy trip nor was it an easy three months. Susan was given a lot of attention but she missed her dad, so did I. She had to sleep in the room with mom and me. I was so afraid she would disturb someone that I stayed by her bed, patting her all night. If I quit patting she would start to cry. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep for three months. When Mo got home he said, "This is a lot of nonsense, just let her cry. Of course he was right and it only took one night before she was sleeping all night.

Life got back to normal, although Mo was gone a lot. He was gone more than he was home. I didn't go anywhere and we were so broke I didn't get one thing new for two years. We hardly had anything to live on. Mo had so many bill. He had borrowed money to buy his uniforms, buy my rings and to get a new car. Then he went out and charged a stereo and a television. And of course he had charged all the furniture we had bought. After paying our bill we had very little left for food. One time it was ten days to payday and we did not have a penny of money nor bread and milk. One night Mo came home with two bags of groceries, I noticed he had hocked his watch. We never ate out and didn't go to movies. We did have parties with our friends and I enjoyed them. They had different standards but were good people. They got such a kick out of giving their toddlers beer and watch them stagger around drunk.

I had a neighbor down the street, he was in Mo's squadron. She was a beautiful sexy blond and drove around in a convertible. They were both from wealthy families that didn't let them lack for anything. She was always wanting me to go out with her but I didn't seem to fit in that convertible. He was not at all good looking but she was a real looker. They had a little girl that looked just like him. She was not too cute. I did not ever see them again after we went to Japan. Maybe she turned out beautiful when she got older.


Katy said...

Grandma, you are doing awesome...what a blogger!!

Susan said...

Jessica and Randy want to be able to view moms blog!

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