Thursday, June 26, 2008

Susan's First Birthday

What a big day, Susan's first birthday, we can't wait for the party scene. Mo made sure he had it off and we sent out the invitations to all the one year kids we knew. For some reason we thought everyone was going to have a blast, not!!!!!!. It was a blast all right, a room full of crying or should we say screaming babies. Everyone always tells me I teach the word "hot" to my grandchildren by burning them. Well this time it wasn't me. Mo stuck her in her highchairs, put the cake in front of her and promptly lite the candle. I can honestly say that I said, "That isn't a very good idea." She touched the candle flame and joined the crying throng. The kids didn't have a good time, we didn't enjoy it and swore that would be the last one year party we would ever have. Of course it wasn't. When Jeff came along we did it again and believe it or not he had a ball and the kids did too. Maybe we were more experienced party givers by then. To prove what a great success this party was I am going to post a picture in the future. I think Susan would have enjoyed it if her dad had not burned her. Maybe that is how I learned to teach the word hot.


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