Saturday, June 28, 2008

A trip to Colorado

Susan and I spent a lot of our time alone. I didn't like to drive with her in the car, this was before car seats and seat belts. I didn't want her crawling around in the car. We had a good neighbor next door that had a little girl her age. We put up a swing set and they played
together so well.
We went to the LDS Church but didn't get very close to any of the members because we lived so far apart. Mo was gone so many Sundays we didn't go very often.
I found out I was pregnant again and was sick all day every day.
When I was about four months Mo had to go to a school in Denver, Co. So we packed the car and headed out for a month. The Johnsons went too. We rented a motel room and ate out every meal. Mo and Kay were gone all day so Jenae and I had to entertain each other. She didn't have any children so she helped me with Susan. We usually lay in the bed and watched her play. Janae was a real trooper, I really liked her a lot.
It was late in the season but we had had the biggest snowstorm in the history. We had so much snow we couldn't open our motel door. Janae and I would go out and play in the snow with Susan.
Throurgh the whole trip I was so sick. I had this weird thing happen, I would get all this saliva in my mouth that I couldn't swallow, so I went around spitting all the time. Mo just didn't understand why I couldn't swallow it. If I did I would get really nauseated. He said I should start playing baseball. How I wished he could have experience that wonderful malady.
When the month ended we headed back to South Carolina, and our little pink house. We got a new bed for Susan and prepared the nursery for the new baby. In those days we couldn't find out the sex so we had to pick out two sets of names. When Susan was born we had planned to name her Susan Michelle and he was fine with that as far as I knew. But when it came time to choose the name he told them her name was Susan Kristina. He said she was Danish, not French.


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