Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This and That

I forgot to tell that we went to West Palm Beach , Florida when Susan was about sic weeks old. It was beautiful there,we would go to the beach and spend the day. We were so careful to keep her out of the sun. That was before the sun screen days. She was very fair and would have burned easily. One day we were at the beach and there was a little baby lying right out in the blazing hot sun. No one was around and we could see that it was getting burned but we didn't know what to do. We tried to cover it with a blanket but we couldn't cover it's head. We were only there six weeks. Mo was going to a school. It was good for us to get away. Susan was so little but we managed okay.

It has been so long ago I'm sure I have forgotten so much interesting stuff, I think this is pretty boring. I did like West Palm Beach, but it was a town of old people, most of them from up North. It was interesting to see so many old brown dried up people that spent most all of their time out in the sun. They looked very hard and I swore I would never get out in the sun again.

We went to St Augustine and had some good sea food. I think they have the best sea food in the world. We found the Fountain of Youth but alas it didn't work on me. Mo loved everywhere he lived, he could always find something good about everything.

He was extremely popular in his squadron . Everyone liked him. He was involved in everything except happy hour, he just came home to his family. He always liked to go to the squadron parties and most of the time he was the MS. He was a take charge kind of guy. Does that remind you of anyone you know? We had a baby nine months and twenty-one days after we were married, and he thought that was just fine. Our friends had a baby when they had been married eight and a half months. He came home one day and said, "Smitty was so depressed today because it was his one year anniversary and he had a three and a half month old baby. It was hard to adjust to married life and parenthood all in one year. We all had babies about the same age and it was fun.

We had four couples that we ran around with, the Eldridges, the Smiths, Huffakers and the Johnsons. I've kept in touch with the Eldridges more than any of the others because they lived in Orlando and I went there sometimes. They had two boys when we knew them and after they got out of the service they had a baby girl. One day they were visiting some friends that lived on a lake. Their little girl got out of the car and ran down to the lake where the other kids were. Somehow she got in the water and drowned before they realized she had disappeared. It almost killed them, we cried together for many years after that happened. Coleen went on to have two more boys but she never had another little girl. They have been good friends. When Steve and Susan were little we decided they would grow up and get married. It didn't happen.

The Johnson's got divorced. The Smiths moved back to Alabama and got involved in the community. Katie had a heart attack and died a few years ago. The Huffakers had a little girl Susan's age and they were best friends. Pam and Susan played together and went to the same preschool. After they moved John would call me every now and then. He became an alcoholic and died too. His wife Pat could never could quit smoking, she was a nurse. She is in a wheel chair now and Pam is taking care of her. I suppose the Eldridges are still in good shape, I think a lot of them. She just published a cookbook and sent me one.


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